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Family Law – You Need The Right Attorney On Your Side!

Family law matters, such as divorce, child custody & support, visitation, and paternity call for a dedicated and knowledgeable attorney who can handle the case with respect, discretion and thoroughness. These cases are legally complex and emotionally charged, affecting many people on different levels.

Just as every family is unique, every family legal matter is unique. We at Spivack Law, P.A. understand the intricate nature of family law, and work hard to provide caring and compassionate representation while fully protecting the interests of their clients. With Spivack Law, P.A. on your side, you’ll know you have an attorney who has your best interest in mind.


Sometimes, existing Final Judgments and Orders need to be modified or enforced by the Court.  Even the best designed and well-crafted settlements, or rulings by a judge, in divorces, custody cases, child support cases and paternity cases will often need to be revisited and adjusted as time goes by.  Custody and visitation issues (timesharing and the “Parenting Plan”), child support amounts, and alimony awards can all be modified if there are substantial changes in circumstances that have occurred.  Employment changes, financial hardships, relocation, health issues, etc. can all play a part in determining if changes or adjustments are needed.  Also, judgments and orders on all of these issues that are not being obeyed by the other party can be enforced, and requesting the Court to exercise its contempt powers may be appropriate in some cases.


It is vital that, where such changes have occurred, you act immediately to protect your interests and the best interests of your children.  At Spivack Law, we have 25 years of experience in protecting the rights of our clients, and we know and can tell you when judgments or orders need to be modified or enforced.  Call or email Spivack Law today to set up your initial consultation.  We can help you.  Let us tell you how we can help.