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Family Law – You Need The Right Attorney On Your Side!

Family law matters, such as divorce, child custody & support, visitation, and paternity call for a dedicated and knowledgeable attorney who can handle the case with respect, discretion and thoroughness. These cases are legally complex and emotionally charged, affecting many people on different levels.

Just as every family is unique, every family legal matter is unique. We at Spivack Law, P.A. understand the intricate nature of family law, and work hard to provide caring and compassionate representation while fully protecting the interests of their clients. With Spivack Law, P.A. on your side, you’ll know you have an attorney who has your best interest in mind.


Nothing is more precious than our children.  If you have children but were not married, how do you protect their best interests?  If you are a father who never married the mother of your children, how do you protect and enforce your parental rights?  How is child support calculated, and what are the factors that determine the amount of support?  At Spivack Law, we can and will answer these questions.  We work carefully with our clients to ensure that from the start of our representation we know their goals and objectives.  The Supreme Court of the United States and the Florida Supreme Court have both ruled that parental rights are fundamental rights.  We handle our clients’ cases in this area of law with the care and thoroughness they deserve.  In short, Spivack Law zealously protects these fundamental rights.


Whenever children are involved, Florida law requires that the Court enter an Order called a “Parenting Plan.”  While the Parenting Plan must determine all of these issues involving the children, one of the most important matters that must be decided is now called “timesharing” (what used to be called custody and visitation).  Quite simply, timesharing determines when the children are to be with each parent.  Also, the amount of timesharing that a parent is awarded can have an affect on the child support that the parent is ordered to receive or pay.


So many questions need to be answered in any case involving children.  What is the timesharing schedule going to be?  Should timesharing be supervised or in some other way limited?  Who will be responsible for making the major life decisions for the children that need to be made?  How will holidays be handled?  What about summers?  What is the best way for the children to be exchanged between the parents?  Can each parent leave the State of Florida when they have the children?  What has to happen if one parent wants to relocate with the children?  How should the children communicate with one parent while they are with the other parent?  How much child support should be paid, and what are the factors that make a difference in calculating child support?  At Spivack Law, we help our clients get answers to these and other questions, and with our vast knowledge and over 25 years of experience, we make sure that the best interests of your children are protected.


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